Australia's First Dedicated Digital Asset Investment Manager

Digital Capital Management provides wholesale investors a trusted, experienced Investment Manager to provide exposure to the nascent digital asset sector.

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Digital Fund

Offering wholesale investors exposure to a long managed portfolio of cryptocurrencies designed to capture the broad market movements of the sector.

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Early entry to a New Asset Class

Have the team’s significant technical expertise and rigorous selection criteria do the heavy lifting to identify top-tier digital asset opportunities.

Disciplined Execution

Digital asset exchanges, networks and infrastructures are complex to navigate and constantly evolving. Professional-grade execution minimised room for error.

Access Broader Exposure

Build a portfolio for long-term growth by gaining exposure to a wider range of strategies that might otherwise be difficult to access and invest in.

Peace of Mind Security

Risk mitigation practices are applied to safeguard investor funds and digital asset holdings.
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Digital Fund

Inception Date: January 2018

Trailing 3 Months


Trailing 12 Months


Trailing 36 Months


Information as of 31 December 2023

A diversified balanced portfolio of digital currencies, platforms and tokens, combining both active and passive investment strategies.

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