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Digital Fund

Offering wholesale investors exposure to a managed portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

Suitable for Investors:

Offering Australian wholesale investors balanced exposure to a professionally managed portfolio of blockchain assets.

The use cases for blockchain are likely to be broad and varied. The Digital Fund’s objective is to capture exposure to early stage technologies that fit into the underlying investment thesis of the blockchain protocol layer. These technologies are set to deliver to disruption through enabling decentralised applications and monetary value transfer.

The Fund seeks long term capital growth through active direct investments into digital currencies and digital tokens. It aims to identify long term technological advantages and capture long term growth in the nascent blockchain industry.

Diversified Portfolio

As a new asset class, outstanding potential returns beckon. Target long-term uncorrelated diversification by applying a measured portfolio approach to investing.

Low Correlation

The digital currency sector has a low correlation with other major asset classes, thus offering balanced portfolio diversification.

Convenient Access

Replace the complexity of purchasing multiple digital assets by simply subscribing to the Digital Fund.

Rigorous Research

Lean upon the rigorous selection criteria and filters applied to identify top-tier technological advantage. The objective of these filters are to capture exposure to early stage technologies that fit into the underlying investment thesis of blockchain protocol layer growth.

Secure Ownership

Essential yet difficult to execute consistently as technologies change. Security of assets guides how the Digital Fund interacts with the digital asset sector.

Monthly Reporting

Receive monthly updates of your investment into the Fund including original entry pricing, updated investment value, together with a detailed overview of the Funds performance metrics.


Digital assets are still in the early days of finding efficient and safe storage solutions. Benefit from best practice risk mitigation strategies to ensure security.

Fund Results

For the results of Digital Fund Download our comprehensive Performance and Risk report.

Fund Overview

A diverse portfolio of digital currencies, combining both active and passive investment strategies. The Fund seeks to produce returns that closely match the overall market capitalisation of Digital Currencies through a disciplined and methodical approach to researching and managing the investments. The portfolio is designed to significantly reduce the systemic risk inherent to Digital Currencies for investors.

Projects are assessed for their future applications, technological advantages and network effects. This analysis helps us identify which assets are likely to outperform and which assets may represent more risk.

DCM believe that a number of digital currencies will experience exponential growth, however this will occur at different rates and give significantly different amounts of capital appreciation. For this reason, the Fund will generally try to avoid ‘selling its winners’ and ‘buying losers’ through the rebalancing process, and instead will look to do so only intermittently or when our target weight determined by the investment committee are significantly outside their bounds.

Fund Name

Digital Fund

Fund Structure

An Australian Financial Services Licensed Unit Trust

Investment Strategy

A diversified balanced portfolio of digital currencies, platforms and tokens, combining both active and passive investment strategies

Typical Number of Investments

10 - 30

Fund Objective

Track market capitalization growth of the digital currency sector

Investor Qualification

Wholesale accredited

Investment Horizon

5-10 years targeting medium-to-long term growth

Fund Structure

An unregistered Australian Financial Services Licensed Unit Trust

Fund Details


AU$50,000 minimum or at Trustee’s discretion

Unit Price

Priced monthly

Buy/Sell Spread

1.5% of unit price upon purchase, 1.5% upon withdrawal

Management Fee

1.5% per annum (paid monthly in arrears)

Performance Fee

15.0% (paid quarterly subject to high watermark)


Monthly. For the first 12 months, redemptions incur a 2% withdrawal fee, returned to the Fund


Monthly by the 25th of each month


Annual (with option for reinvestment)


Monthly Unit Holder Statement

Fund Parties

Digital Fund has engaged key service provides to deliver unit holders assurance through the investment process.

Investment Manager

Digital Capital Management Pty Ltd

Trustee & License Holder

Alpha Node Capital Pty Ltd (AFSL 479974)


A4 Funds Pty Ltd


Alpha Node Capital Pty Ltd


Barrett Baxter Bye


BDO (WA) Pty Ltd


Steinepreis Paganin

Invest with Confidence

Before we start the application process there are a few important items which need to completed. Please note the Fund is accessible to wholesale investors only.

Important Dates:

Application to be completed and submitted prior to the 25th of each month.

Full payment of investment to be included in the following month series must be cleared into the trust bank account by no later than 28th of each month (except February when payment is to be received no later than 26th of the month).

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