Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Market Summary

Market Summary 11 January 2022

Bitcoin Price: U$42,729.29 (+2.17%)
Ethereum Price: U$3,239.72 (+5.09%)


The EPNS Mainnet is Here!

  • As of today, January 11, at 4 PM UTC, the Ethereum Push Notification Service is live on Ethereum’s mainnet!
  • EPNS can now be accessed through app.epns.io on the Ethereum blockchain. The protocol can be used by two broad audiences: channels and subscribers.
  • Channels are dapps, users, and businesses that want to send notifications to others. These notifications can be sent manually, or they can be built to respond automatically to on-chain or off-chain information. 
  • Subscribers are those who wish to receive notifications from others. Subscribers can browse the live channels on EPNS through the app, and opt-in to receive notifications from any of them. Notifications are then delivered to the subscriber’s ‘inbox’. Channels are live now on the EPNS app (iOS/Android), with more channels to be launched in the days and weeks to come.


Binance Labs backs $200M Oasis Ecosystem Fund

  • Binance Labs, the venture capital (VC) arm of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, announced Tuesday that it will contribute to Oasis Foundation’s $200 million ecosystem development fund, sending a strong signal that major investors were still keen to back emerging projects on alternative blockchain networks. 
  • With the investment, Binance Labs joins other prominent VC firms in supporting the Oasis Network, an alternative smart contract platform that intends to compete with Ethereum. As Cointelegraph reported in November, Oasis Foundation initially launched a $160 million development fund to lure promising startups to its blockchain. In addition to Binance Labs, other notable VC firms to support the ecosystem development fund include Hashed, Jump Capital, Dragonfly Capital and Draper Dragon.


Pastel Network Partners with Nervos to Protect the NFT Ecosystem against Scams, Fraud, and Asset Loss

  • Pastel Network is excited to announce its partnership with Nervos, which will be integrating Pastel’s Sense and Cascade protocol across its native NFT standard. This partnership signifies the continued successes of both Pastel and Nervos, and is a massive step forward for the overall NFT ecosystem. It is a testament to the growing need for NFT reliability, security and verifiability, solved via Pastel’s advanced infrastructure.
  • Backed by VC heavyweights including Sequoia Capital, Polychain Capital, and Multicoin Capital among others, Nervos provides readily interoperable solutions that will unlock the potential of Universal dApps. Nervos has partnered with and helped enhance a number of projects across the DeFi, NFT and Gaming sectors — such as Kollect.me (the first marketplace launched on the network), a gamified trading platform, a photo sharing social network, and an NFT creation and distribution platform.


Wall Street still not convinced on Bitcoin $100K this year: JPMorgan survey

  • One of the world’s largest investment banks has its Bitcoin (BTC) price predictions ready for 2022.
  • In a recent poll, JPMorgan Chase asked its clients, “Where do you see Bitcoin trading at 2022 year-end?” Just 5% said they saw the digital coin reaching $100,000, and 9% saw it breaking previous all-time highs, reaching over $80,000. 
  • The bank is known for its wealthy client portfolio. While some BTC bulls may welcome the news that 14% of JPMorgan’s clients expect at least a twofold increase, it’s not the fireworks the crypto market is accustomed to.
  • On balance, however, the survey is generally positive. Most clients (55%) see BTC trading at $60,000 or above at the end of the year, with only one quarter expecting prices to slide from the recent lows of $40,000.


DEFI is Here! Wormhole Bridge and YuzuSwap now live on Oasis Network Mainnet.

  • DeFi is live on Oasis! It is a massive day for the network and the community. The YuzuSwap DEX allows users to participate in liquidity pools, swap, trade, and earn rewards with high APY, while the Wormhole bridge connects Oasis with almost $1b in TVL across Avalanche, BSC, Terra, Ethereum, Polygon and Solana.
  • YuzuSwap leverages the low fees and the huge throughput of up to 1k TPS of Emerald — The EVM compatible ParaTime. The goal for YuzuSwap is to become a cornerstone DeFi application on Oasis, built to be composable, open, with safety and fairness as its core values.

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